Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Around the house and baby update

Tanner had his 18 month wellness check up and toped the scale at 25 pounds. It was funny because Tanner does not like going to the doctor and this trip he cried when I took off his clothes and then he tried to jump off the scale. He is also 32 inches long and is staying right at the 40-45% in growth. He also had an ENT appointment and his left ear is not getting better so we deceided to go ahead and change out that tube and check the tube in the right ear and have his adnoids removed while he is already under. This all takes place next Tuesday June 9th. Tory is taking off to help but the doctor says there is no pain in either procedure.

I had my 36 week check up today and was very excited to find out that I have dilated to a 2cm. I know this does not mean anything but at 41 weeks with Tanner I was a 1.5cm so maybe she will come a little early. Tory and I are both starting to stress I think because we are so not ready. I know with Tanner I had the nursery all ready by 30 weeks and here we are within 4 weeks of my due date and the crib is still in Tanner's room. Tanner moved out of the nursery and into the Astros room and it is so cute to see him wave from upstairs as he goes to his big boy bed. We also started leaving his door opened a few inches when Tory leaves in the morning and it is very nice not to have to walk upstairs to get him. The only problem is that he does not always wake me up when he gets up and I find him playing in the living room or pulling out my files in the office.

We are also excited to have summer guests again this year. My cousins from Baltimore will arrive July 8th-July 22nd and I have been planning things for us to do around Houston and San Antonio. I will keep everyone updated on Baby Morgan's progress and hopefully labor goes as well as Tanner's did.

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