Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy Week

This past week has been filled with so much fun and stress that I hope things can settle down a little for me to have Morgan. I was so excited when I went for my 36 week check up to find out that I was already dilated that Tory and I both started to stress and panic at the same time. With Tanner we had everything ready months before and with Morgan, her nursery is still a mess and the baby bed was still in Tanner's room (even though Tanner has been sleeping in his big boy bed, every time we thought to take it down to move it back, he was asleep in the room).

On Friday we took a quick trip over to Alexandria, Louisiana (3.5 hours) to see my cousin graduate from LSECS. We had not told anyone that we were coming because I did not want to let Mikey down if something happen and I could not make it. Lets just say he had the biggest simile in the room when we walked in 10 minutes after it had started. Tory and I were both so glad that we made the trip and was able to enjoy his special day with him. Tanner had fun running around and even got to take home a balloon which he took a nap with.

Saturday we decided to shampoo the carpets before we have a house full of guest with Morgan and during the summer. Tory bought some really cool sliders to put under the furniture and it made it so easy to move things around. Sunday was our crazy day. I think it all started when Tory thought the lawn mower had blown up. He called his dad and his dad asked when the last time we had added oil to the mower. Oil, it needs oil? We have had this thing for almost 3 years now and never added oil! Then we noticed that Tanner had a huge bite on his foot and it was swelling pretty bad and quick. I marked it with a pen and wrote down the time and off to the urgent care we went. The doctor told us, yes its a bug bite and sent us home! OK there goes $30. It is now 9pm and I have a flat tire that needs to be changed. Tory and our neighbor change my tire and put on my spare tire that we kept from my old Camry since it was a full size tire. I go to move the car to the garage and my car will not move. I can't go forward or backwards, come on people. The parking brake was not on but it was acting like it was. Luckily we were at home to try the spare tire that came with the car because that worked. Yeah the old Camry had smaller tires then my new one so I am so thankful that this did not happen while we were driving back from New Orleans. Tory and I finally got to eat dinner around 10pm.

Monday was just as crazy. My mom and little brother drove down and got to Humble around 11am. I had them pick me up from Sears were I had dropped off my car to get 4 new tires ($600) yeah I think I should have kept my white Camry that had smaller tires and those only cost $400. I managed to do a weeks worth of errands in one day. We went to The Woodlands and stopped at Babies R Us for some last minute items. I had a few other places to go before my doctor's appointment and then we enjoyed lunch at Cane's (I miss Baton Rouge when I am pregnant). I showed my mom where to go for when I go into labor with Morgan and she got to meet our midwife Melody. My mom and Donnie got to go in and hear Morgan's heartbeat which Donnie thought was so cool. Then Melody let him listen to his. I did make some progress this week. I was a 2.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced. She did not think this week so that was nice since Kelsey is out of town and I really want here to be able to take pictures during the birth.

Tuesday was Tanner's surgery to get his ear tubes replaced and his adnoids removed. We had to be there at 7am and I totally do not understand why because we waiting almost an hour before they took us back. During his last surgery, they gave him some "loopy" medicine that only made him hyper but this time it worked. He was drunk going into surgery. Surgery was about 30 minutes and he slept most of the day.

We finally have the nursery finished. There are a few things that I want to add but for now its done. I was so excited with our project to turn a Lion King nursery into a girly nursery. Thanks to some hot pink vinyl and some glitter, I think it looks very girly. Also her closet is full!

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