Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun Weekend at Sea World

We have been tring to do some extra activities with Tanner before Morgan arrives so we deceided to take the trip to San Antonio and go to Sea World. Tanner has a love for animals and fish so what better place then Sea World. We started out by waking up and managed to leave by 6:30am. Yes very early for me but I was excited so it was easy to get up. Tanner slept most of the way there and was ready to go when the park opened. Tanner is not a kid that likes to sit in a stroller so he figured out a way to sit and make room for Morgan.

He was not sure about Mr. Otter

Tanner loved seeing all the Budweiser Clydesdales Horses

Our next stop was at the Dolphins Cove. This was Tanner's first time to see a dolphin and he loved them. We are planning to go again in July when my cousins are down from Baltimore and will let Tanner feed the Dolphins then.

We spent the next couple hours watching shows. It was hard for Tanner to sit through the Cannery Row Caper and Believe but during Viva he loved the dolphins and the divers. He was not a fan of wearing the 4D glasses during Pirates 4-D but I did get a few good pictures.

Tanner had a fun day full for fun and was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. He was so cute. Our next stop was a quick trip to the outlet malls in San Marcus. While I was shopping Tory and Tanner went to a tool store and Tanner wanted to bring home the lawn mower.

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