Saturday, June 13, 2009

False Alarm :(

Last night I started having very consistant contractions that started out at 7 minutes appart and were 5 minutes apart lasting for 1 minute. I told Tory and he got out our workbook from birth classes to see what it said about labor. Yes I know this is my second and I should know if I am in labor but with Tanner I never had hard contractions and they were not regular. I was also hooked up to the monitors so I knew when I was having a contraction but was not in pain. Around midnight we packed our bags and deceided to get some sleep just in case we had a big day ahead of us. When we got up this morning I was still having regular contractions so I called my midwife who had us come in to check what was going on. Yes I am having regular contractions but they are only in the top part of my uteris and not in the lower part so they are not having any effect on my cervis. She recommended me taking some calcium & magnesium and that would help with the contractions. I was so bummed out but in a way glad. My mom will be back on Monday and Kelsey will be back tomorrow so I really did not want to go into labor while they were gone. Morgan will come when she is ready, just as long as its sooner then later. I am ready to meet this little girl that has hiccups 24/7.

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amanda said...

hang in there-I know it is hard to wait, but sheh will be so worth it!