Monday, September 7, 2009

Pictures of Tanner last year

I really did not have much to write about since Thursday's post so I wanted to go back and show everyone pictures of Tanner from this time last year. We have a calendar that has pictures from the year before and I was looking at all the fun memories we have with Tanner last year. He was 9 months old last September and had alot first go on. He had his first trip to the golf course. He had just started walking and we took him with us to play golf. He also fell out of the cart trying to follow Tory onto the green. The next morning we took him to the ER where he did have a concussion. The following weekend we evacuated to New Orleans because Ike was heading our way. We spent a few extra days in New Orleans with our family and it was nice to have air condition. He also enjoyed his first Orea cookie. Hope ya'll all enjoy looking back to how small but big Tanner was. Time goes by so fast.

In the car to Downtown to go to Texas Children's Hospital. By this time, he had already thrown up several times and could not keep anything down. The med center is so big and it took us a few minutes to find out where to go but once we got signed in they were amazing. Tanner had a cat scan done and he layed very still which was amazing. I cried of course but everything was ok.

Our trip to New Orleans

My favority pictures of Tanner playing around in the house. He looks so grown up in his jeans and polo shirt.

Tanner's first oreo

9 Month old pictures taken by Kelsey Call Photography

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