Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catch up on pictures

Tanner starts Mother's Day out tomorrow and he needed a nap mat for school. Here are some cute pictures of Morgan with her big purple bow and Tanner playing around on his new mat.

Morgan has gotten so big so fast. Last Thursday was Tanner's last day at Kids R Kids. It was so sad to drop him off for the last time. Tory normally picks him up for me but I really wanted to bring some thank you cards to his teachers and his friends. I got Morgan dressed after her nap in an outfit that Tanner wore so much, we had 2 of them.

Morgan's Nanny got her this cute outfit and I have been waiting for it to fit her. I love the polka dots and black and pink.

On Sunday Morgan and I went to my friends baby shower. Morgan enjoyed herself because everyone wanted to hold her. I got to take some pictures for Trina with my new camera. I also made Rocko a cute sign for his room.

Tanner went to stay at Grandma's house (my mom's) on Monday. This was the first time for him to stay the night away from us. When we got up on Monday I told Tanner to pack a few toys that we wanted to bring. He packed: yellow baseball bat, wood baseball bat, baseball helmet, baseball glove, 3 balls, tooth brush and tooth paste, Moe the monkey, his fluffy blanket. He packs like I do, bring it all! Here are some pictures of Tanner with his helmet on in the car.

Tuesday Morgan had her 2 month check up and yes I took my camera with me. She got a few shots and was not happy at all. She weighed 12 lbs and 23 inches long. She has so many fat rolls on her legs but it's really cute.

After 3 days of the house being very quiet, I was ready to go and pick up Tanner. We had a hard ride home from Lufkin, they kept taking turns having melt downs. Tanner was so excited to play with his toys, he had them all out within 3 minutes. Bye bye clean house!

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Brit said...

Hi Michelle! Your kids are getting so big I can't believe it! I love all the darling outfits you have for Morgan:)