Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun Weekend in New Orleans

I am kinda of sad and excited all at the same time. This was our last trip in to New Orleans before the arrival of Baby Morgan. It was a hard trip and I was uncomfortable most of the way and on the drive home, I was having some mild contracts but they stop. Friday Rebecca had a softball game and Tammy got some great pictures of the kids playing in the front yard before we left for the game. Saturday we went to the Aquarium with Tanner's Nanny and his cousins Rebecca and Megan. (Emily stayed homed) Tanner loved all the fish and turtles. We also enjoyed lunch at the River Walk and it was nice to see all the New Orleans shops that I miss so much.

Tanner's First Trip to the Aquiarum

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amanda said...

don't know how I missed your blog-but so excited that I found it! Such cute pictures! Can't believe Tanner is that old! Where does the time go? Do you want to go to the fabric store next week and we can pick out some other stuff for Morgan?