Thursday, October 2, 2008

Were did the month of September go??? 1st half of the month

September went by so fast that I never got to post what all happened during the month. This month Tanner had lots of new 1st.

Here are pictures of our first round of golf as a threesome. Tanner enjoyed being outside. It was all great till hole 16 and I got a migraine and sat out playing the hole. Tanner stayed in the cart with me and the next thing I know, Tanner tried to get out of the cart by himself and well, fell hitting his head on the sidewalk.

We told our neighbor about Tanner's fall when we got home and she asked if had thrown up following the fall. He had not so we did not think anything about it. Well next morning we had to wake him up at 9:00am which is very unusual since he normally is up at 7:00 sharp. Tory brought him down and I told him that he still stunk from yesterday even after giving him a 20 minute bath. Well, we then realized that he had thrown up in his bed. After throwing up 5 more times in the matter of 20 minutes, I called Tory to come back home and we took Tanner to Texas Children's for his first visit to the ER and his first CAT scan. The doctor then told us that yes he had a small concussion but everything else was fine.

Then this little storm Hurricane Ike, which Tory kept telling us that it was going to turn right, looked like it had his eye set for Houston. After calling back home (New Orleans) I deceided to pack us all up while Tory took his 8 mile run and we left the day before the storm. No one was on the road so it was an easy drive. We lost power Friday night at 8pm so I was so glad that we left. It was nice to spend a long weekend (5 days). We did not have any major damage but the eye did pass over our house.

Here are some pictures during our stay just hanging out with all our family.

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