Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stars Over The USA Pageant

Morgan competed in the Stars Over the USA pageant this past weekend. It was an all natural pageant (no pageant dresses) and it was alot of fun. She started the day out in her casual wear outfit and was all smiles for the judges.

Morgan was in the best of mood for the pageant

After casual wear was the BFF section. Morgan and her little friend Chloe dressed up in Yellow polka dot bikinis and they had beach balls and a small pool. I did not get pictures of them together but did get 1 of Morgan

Next was RWB (Red, White, & Blue). Morgan was still all smiles for the judges even though it was getting close to nap time.

The last section of the pageant was Beauty. Morgan was still all smiles even w. her 15 minute nap. After beauty, we did a quick change in the car and was off to see Courtney play in her last high school softball tournament.

St. Charles did not win their final game but it was still amazing to see the heart this team has. Courtney tore her ACL a few weeks ago and has not been on the pitchers mound since. When the coach gave her the ball during the middle of the game, I think we were all cring. Even though her team did not win, they were amazing and we were all proud of the girls!

Sunday morning I was back to the pageant w. Tanner and Morgan this time for crowing and also with plans to do a practice Cinderalla pageant. Tanner was a handful and we did not stick around to do the second pageant. Morgan was the only baby in her age group so we were hoping to pull a higher title. One by one, all our friends were getting called up. Morgan and another girl (Maci) tied for the highest title... Ultimate Grand Face of 2010. Yes she won and she won big. Since there was a tie and the judges did not want to pick, they had to split the money and their big crowns would have to be mailed to them. Way to go Morgan

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