Wednesday, February 17, 2010

January Recap

After spending 10 days in New Orleans, it was great to get back home and unpack. Tanner and Morgan both got tons of toys for Christmas so finding new homes for everything was fun.

I took the kids to watch Tory run the Houston Marathon. It was alot of fun and Tanner really enjoyed it. Tory is also running the Mardi Gras Marathon next month in New Orleans.

Morgan participated in the Humble Rodeo Pageant on the 23rd. She does not do well evening pageants. She was tired and woke up right before it was time to go onstage. It was fun and our friend Alyssa won.

Morgan also competed in the TCP Mardi Gras Double Header pageant down in Galestson. Morgan did great and got 1st runner up in pageant and got Most Photogentic & Best Portfolio and Queen in her age group. I was really excited to pull out Photogentic and Port since she had just had some new pictures taken. Morgan's MiMi made her Mardi Gras outfit, my mom made the hairbow and I did her shoes.

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