Friday, October 16, 2009

Best day for golf

I deceided to be brave and take both kids out to the golf tournament. The Champion Tour is playing up in The Woodlands and figured it would tire out Tanner and he would take a great nap. I packed the diaper bag, my 2 cameras, double stroller and off we went. It started to rain on our way there and I had zero umbrellas in my car. By the time we got to the course it had stopped raining however it was so hot and humid. The plan was to say for an hour or so. Not knowing many of the players I went to the 18th green to watch those that were coming off the course. One of the local newspapers photographer told me that if I hung around I would get to see Clemens and Bagwell. I checked the pairing sheets and yes he was correct, Roger Clemens and Jeff Bagwell were on their way to the 18 green. Quick call to Tory since I was super excited. I tried to explain to Tanner who they were and that Jeff Bagwell was Daddy's favorite player and he also wore the #5 while playing for the Astros. I did not think it was polite to ask them to sign a golf flag so we had them sign Tanner's golf hat. It was a great day to watch a few people play golf and get to see 2 great Astros players.
Tanner checking out Roger Clemens signature

Tanner and Morgan waiting for Jeff Bagwell

Yes I know the flag is upside down

Tanner, Me, Morgan and Jeff Bagwell. Check out Tanner is holding his putter. I am very surprised he gave it back to him.

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