Monday, July 27, 2009

A Very Busy July (part 1)

Well Tory got to post about Morgan so now its my turn. I think I must be so lucky when it comes to having babies. My labor was very easy and much shorter then Tanner's. I had seen my midwife on Monday and at 12:36am my water broke. I really did not think that I had to rush to get there so I took a bath, made sure we had everything in the suitcase, Tory took a shower, and then we woke up my mom to tell her that we were going to go in. 90 minutes after my water broke we were on our way to The Woodlands. The last 10 minutes were uncomfortable in the car but I still thought I had a few hours to go. We were greated by Katherine and my first thing I had to do was Pee. Katherine checked me and said "Your a 9!" Really already! My mom was in the front trying to get Tanner and Donnie settled with a movie and Katherine went and got her to come help. The help was to catch the baby. The midwife's staff was not there yet and I was ready to push. 12 minutes after we walked in, Morgan was born. My whole experience at Nativiti was amazing but I think after delivering Tanner at a hospital Tory and I was so greatful to have a birth that was totally what we wanted. I was also excited that my mom got to experence what she did and I have some great pictures thanks to Jen who showed up 15 minutes after we did. We were all home by 7 am and Morgan and I just slept all day. It was nice to relax in my bed and much easier with Tanner.

Now the crazy part of the month. My mom and little brother left on Thursday and Tory's family arrived on Friday for the weekend. Tory had also volunteered to be in the dunking booth at our neighboorhood 4th of July celebration so we took the kids out to see him and to enjoy some ice cream. Morgan loves the heat so she slept most of the time. We got to enjoy Tory's family for the 4th and his dad's BBQ and then we had ColdStone Ice cream. Our neighbors had a block party so we walked up the street to show off Morgan and Kelsey B. was so excited to hold her. Tory's family left on Sunday and we took Tanner to the pool where Morgan again slept the whole time. We also saw a girl that is in Tanner's class at school so he spent most of his time playing with her.

Monday and Tuesday (July 6 & 7th) were pretty quiet and I spent most of my time getting ready for my cousins (Liz and Anthony) to arrive on Wednesday July 8th from Baltimore. Wednesday was also our baby shower at Tory's work so Tanner and I along with Morgan went to The Woodlands and then drove down to Hobby to pick up Liz and Ant. The next 2 weeks went by so fast.

I took them, Liz and Ant, to see the Battleship and yeah next time I will not plan to do that in July. It was so hot and totally did not think about the stairs and carring Morgan in her carseat was not smart. Luckly Tanner had gone to school because I would have totally had my hands full.

The next day we went to the Astros game. We did not have tickets so we had to buy them there and we were running late. We took Tanner to the kids area to play and Junction Jack was there. Tanner took his picture with him and Junction gave Morgan a little Astros baseball that I have put away for later. We really enjoyed the game and the fireworks.

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