Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Donnie!

It is so sad that my little brother is growing up. I was talking to my mom last night and it was very funny that we would have a storm come through the night before his birthday. The night before Donnie was born (Feb 10, 1998) there was a bad storm and the power was out. My mom went into labor and I remember the nurse asking what color her water was. There was no way for her to see so it was funny. I skipped school and went to the hospital and totally remember them coming out and telling me that they were ok and that "IT'S A BOY". I told them they had the wrong person that my mom was having a girl. My step-dad came out and confirmed that it was indead a BOY! I had to go and buy Donnie some clothes so he could come home.


John Bash America & Mia said...

Your lil brother is handsome! I saw the pics of the sono, she is definately a girl, Congratulations!

liz said...

i love the pic of you guys on the bed..its so cute!!! lol...nd the pic below it (where you are wearing the pink shirt), i def. had that same shirt!! nd wore it for like 8th grade graduation!! haha